Gravity Forms > WP-Types (Checkboxes)

While working on a project for a client, I needed to match up several checkbox fields from a Gravity Form and match with custom post fields from WP-Types.  WP-Types holds the checkbox field details in a separate array, so you cannot just do a simple if/else to match them up.

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Yith Create a Quote Post Hook

Create a quote is a nice little plugin , if you have not had a look at it before it is great for, well would you guess generating quotes and leads. For a project I have been working on for a client, we needed too much further and hook into after the "quote" (modified wooCommerce order). The plugin doesn't populate its custom order meta fields when the order is placed. So grabbing that information cannot be done with woocommerce_new_order and due to the number (if needed and useful) new order statues, we cant hook into status change either. 

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Vertical Alignment within a Grid

A grid is a great way to display information, presenting information in an easy to read format but sometimes you can come a cropper. If you grid contains text (titles and descriptions) you can end up with irregular sized boxes and it looks rather naff.

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