A freelance developer, specialising in the mighty WordPress CMS. I have been making websites since 1999, using HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. Over the years I have run and managed as many websites I have created. From setting up and running numerous eCommerce sites, to running online based magazines and media streaming services.

I honed my initial codings skills through developing a music community in Nottingham. What started as a website for a group of friends could share photos, write reviews (gigs and albums/demos), chat on private boards and allow me to experiment with ideas. Soon grew and became an online magazine focusing on the local music scene. As we grew, Saggy-Pants (mid 2000’s, alternative baggy jeans era) became an integral part of the local music community, with a monthly magazine, regular podcast producer, poster/flyer printers, web designers, CD reproducer, live music producer putting on gigs and stages at regional festivals.

Aside from the project management and coding skills, Saggy-Pants brought me, I also have 15 years experience in specialty retail. Having run numerous bricks and mortar shops, I have overseen several e-commerce stores using a range of platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Having developed, managed and owned sites. I have a great understanding of not only how to setup and maintain the website but also hands-on experience running these websites.

I now work Freelance offerings my website development skills and e-commerce consultancy. My work is now almost exclusively based around WordPress and the extensive plugin market. I love working on complex multi-member sites, based on the BuddyPress package and also from custom-built systems.  A lot of my projects see me working with common plugins such as WooCommerce, GravityForms, WP-Types, ACF and BuddyPress. While my design skills are not my strong suit, I do work on the front end. From theme modifications, theme builds and extended functionality using popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery and AngularJS.

In 2017 I was accepted into the highly selective outsourcing website Codeable.io. A team of just over 300 developers, designers, advisers and project teams. We specialise in WordPress and offer high-level customisation request for some of the biggest names in the WordPress ecosystem.