A clean and crisp eBay layout for a Furniture Factory Store. Complete with 5 static pages, custom product details with uniform look and functionality throughout.

  • Setup and open the eBay account and store.
  • To create a matching eBay theme, using a modern, country kitchen colour scheme with a modern crisp and clean design.
  • Setup a small photography studio within the factory.
  • Design a simple and effective way to create the code needed for the listing
Photography Studio
  • Locate an area within the factory/warehouse, that is out of the way for the teams in manufacturing and distribution, while still making it easy to have the space to work (if you have ever worked taking furniture images before, you will understand they bulk makes its time consuming to collecting and returning items to photograph.
  • Building the photography area was simple enough, a roll of thin grey carpet tacked to the wall, which can be rolled up when not in use. A few directional and defused lights provide the lighting, with all external lights turned off
The eBay Theme


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