A crisp, clean and tidy listings website for a Specialist Tobacconist supplier. Offering various user account types to see product details, prices and image banks for products.

TabacWorld are specialist tobacconist supplier, they import products from around the world for the remaining traditional tobacco shops. They wanted a clean and crisp website, which allows them to showcase their products to potential customers. While they didnt want a full eCommerce system, they wanted the functionality of one, but with most information only being displayed for registered customers.

On top of the eCommerce system, the website acts as an image bank. Allowing the clients customers to use their extensive image collection on their own websites and printed promotional materials.

Due to the nature of the industry, some products can be out of stock for prolonged periods. I was asked to include a simple notification system, alerting logged in customers if the item is in or out of stock.

This website was built, tested and activated within 10 days of agreeing the brief.

The Process
  • Making us of the Wordpress CMS system, I built the internal structure around 3 custom post types and a single custom taxonomy. This allowed products to have multiple pack size and price options (two different prices, for different levels of customers).
  • Each product is tagged with a type, those which are tagged as Tobacco or Cigars require the user to be logged in (all done without leaving the front-end of the website) to see the details. While all products require the user to be logged into see the prices
  • Each product has prices assigned, multiple prices can be used this allows for discounts offered on larger purchases.
  • Making use of a premium, pre built theme the design time (and cost) was greatly reduced. Even though only a small helping of the themes features were used, it gave a great look and functionality.
  • A notification bar sits below the header image, to let users know about trade shows or other date specific events (price increases etc)

This was a very enjoyable project, having worked in the tobacco industry for 15 years. I have a personal passion for Cigars, Tobacco and especially pipes. The client has been a close partner throughout all of my days in the trade and its great to continue working with them!


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