The single branch version of my Liberal Democrats website allows local parties to promote themselves. Each site allows space to promote their political message digitally to compliment the traditional campaigning.

I was asked to create a website for the Bassetlaw & Sherwood Liberal Democrats. A party which covers much of North Nottinghamshire, due to the size of the area they cover I ended up created 3 sites to give a more local message to voters.

Each website needed to have space to put forward news, information of members (and candidates during elections) but also have the means to create and promote campaigns with surveys (can be linked to externally, created on the site or embedding third party scripts).

This website is available for any Liberal Democrat local party or branch for a small monthly/annual fee, just drop me a message from the contact page.

The websites were made using the Wordpress CMS, to speed up the development process a premium theme was used.

  • Custom post types are used for the Canidates and Campaigns sections. The use of custom post types makes for easy creation and simple but attractive reading/sharing.
  • Using Gravityforms to create the contact forms found all over the website but also for custom surveys and polls. For data protection reasons, all survey answers are stored within the sites database rather than emailed.
  • Yoast SEO is used to ensure every page, category listing and posts are correctly setup not only for SEO but also sharing on Social Media.
  • Candidates are given their own pages, where they can share their details, links to social media and embeds from Twitter and Blog RSS feeds.

Project Images

While this is only a small version of the large Liberal Democrat Multibranch i have been working on, the early calling of the 2017 General Election left little time to fully develop and launch. This website has so far been used for 3 parts of the Bassetlaw & Sherwood branch of the Liberal Democrats
  • Bassetlaw Liberal Democrats
  • Sherwood Liberal Democrats
  • Hucknall Liberal Democrats

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