Helen is a copywriter, content manager and social media specialist. This website is to promote her services and share her ideas with bloggers, writers and anyone interested increasing their online presence.

I was asked for a clean website, with lots of customisable options on all pages and posts.

Built using Wordpress with a little extra help from Tooltype, GravityForms and FoundationPress. Every page/post has 4 header layouts, uploadable icons and backgrounds. All images and text blocks are controlled through a large and extensive options set in WP-Admin. Giving Helen control of all content within the site, giving her complete control whenever she needs it. Theme built from the ground up using the awesome FoundationPress framework. One of the most powerful starter themes around for Wordpress, making use of SASS, Grunt and an extensive array of function and theme classes. The resulting design was created to offer a clean and tidy look in all formats. SEO and social media share data handled by Yoast, with manual overrides and default values supplied one of the off chance a post/page is created and no meta is defined. Twitter in the footer is displayed using the twitter api & REST.

Project Images

Great fun to make and a pleasure working with Helen. Glad to say we are now working on new projects together, much more to follow!


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