Sometimes you spend days putting a mock up together, go to far and build and almost complete system. Then a client drops you, so what do you do? Yeah launch your own system in a different niche.

After a failed attempt to muscle in on an existing project, i was left with a half made events listing service. It seemed a shame to waste what i had put together, so another one of my little projects was hatched. I am not working on this project full time, just when i have a little free time.

The system is made designed to allow the general public, event organisers and full time venues to list their own events. The plan is to specialise in active, activities for families with younger children. Users are encouraged to signup and go through our simple submission system, we create a pair of instances on our own database but also with Google Calendar.

By making the most of the Google Calendar API, I am able to easily push events as either single day, short duration or permanent listings. I now have a the core of the underlying systems in place, complete with various sanity tests along the way.

Now all that is left is to pull all the components together and start making it not look like a colour inverted console terminal.

More to follow

The Team
  • Glynn Quelch - Head Developer
  • Helen - Content Manager
  • Chris Churchill - App Development & API Wizard.

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