Helen Tamblyn is a content manager and copywriter and i am making her website.

Helen Tamblyn is a content manager and copywriter, she was looking for an upgrade to her professional website. Helen wants lots of freedom over the look, with various sliders, custom page header and information panels.

The site is being made using as little plugins as possible to keep the code, clean and faster loading.
Plugins used

  • Toolset – Quick and easy custom post type, post fields, term fields and custom taxonomies
  • Gravity Forms – The best form plugin around, while on this project i am only using it for contact forms. It is a powerful plugin, especially if you want to create quick and simple front end forms for creating posts (custom or default types)
  • OptionTree – A quick and easy way to create theme options, this allows me to give the client more control over their websites.
  • FoundationPress – I cant stop using this theme framework, packed with features and geared up for responsive themes and rapid deployment of complex theme designs.

I started this project by creating a custom post type for clients and partners. This is used to not only populate the clients page, but also a link list and create the partner links for the footer.

Secondly due to the number of panels with titles, images and text, i had to create over 40 options. This allows these panels to be quickly edited and displayed in various places throughout the theme.

Within the options is a comprehensive social media account list, with places to enter google api keys and facebook page ID's (for greater integrating with third party systems)

Up next to create the theme to pull it all together. I will be using the old faithful of Foundation Press, my goto for projects requiring custom themes built from the ground up.

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