The range of Product Photography services on offer, I can taylor any to your own personal requirements. Examples of my work can be found below and if you would like to enquire, you can fill in the "Quick Contact" form at the end of the page.
Watches & Glasses
Reflective products can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to things like Watches & Sun Glasses. Keeping on top of all of the reflections, to ensure an image which draws attention to the product and not whats reflected is tricky. I offer...continue reading
eBay Product Photography
Like all forms of eCommerce, your pictures are one of the most important tools in your sales arsenal. Just like the window displays in department stores, its essential you showcase your range in best the fashion. Bright, crisp and well lit images wil...continue reading


Why not have a look at the related projects I have worked on which fall within the Product Photography remit. These are either actual live project or samples of what i can offer to you and your business.
WGM Meerschaum Pipes
Meerschaum Pipes taken on flat Black & Red
Watches & Glasses
A selection of low budget costume jewellery, photographed on white backing. As with all small metal and glass products, these have lots of reflections...continue reading
Cigar Photography
A batch of 80 product photos taken for a cigar importer in the UK. Single box and pack shots taken on matte white.
Lego (Product Photography)
My son has discovered the joys of Lego and i am enjoying it as much as he is. Needless to say, i keep buying more and more figures. Armed with my new ...continue reading
The Furniture Factory Store
A clean and crisp eBay layout for a Furniture Factory Store. Complete with 5 static pages, custom product details with uniform look and functionality ...continue reading

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