Freelance nerd for hire 

I am freelance Web Developer, Product Photographer and eCommerce consultant. I have been involved with websites since the early 2000's, making websites for fun and for those within the local music scene. 

Over the years i have created and maintained a large local music magazine & websites. Working with a team of writers, photographers, sound engineers and promoters.

Built up multiple eCommerce business, from all angles. Planning, development, stock procurement, content management, photography, warehouse/office management and marketing. Comfortable with the most common platforms plus how to use social media and articles/blogs to promote the brand.

Several years experience doing standard product photography, where detail and colour clarity are essential. Worked with low cost products from china, to beautifully handcrafted artisan products which sell for £750+

If you would like to make use of my skills, please get in touch.

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